Forms of Registration Division

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  Please reading the regulations before you applicate.

  About the electronic forms, please link:Application and Final Approval Procedures of Changes in Student Statuses

Student status

Academic Regulations 【1110823】

Regulations Governing Suspension/Reentry/Expulsion【1060508】

Registration procedure

Payment Standards and Application Methods for Academic Documents of Proof【1060306】 

Regulations Governing the Payment and Refund of Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees【1050614】

Graduation qualification, Leave school program

Student Leaving Process Form for International students【1110712】

College of NursingCollege of Health Technology

College of Human Development and Health

Application of Grades, documents

Mandarin Transcript/Ranking Request Form [ODT]

Request Form for English Documents  [ODT]

Application Form for the Replacement of Graduation Certificates [ODT]

Application Form for Certificates of Attendance(For Withdrawal of students) [ODT]

Grade Change Request for Grade Change in NTUNHS  [ODT]

Grading and Grade Point Averages (GPA)1100616


Principles for Maintaining the Learning Rights of Students Who Have Encountered Sudden Major Disasters【1050104】